We are pleased to released the third milestone beta for version 2 (beta 3).  This includes several new features (mentioned) below, with the most notable being the start of IP camera support.

Release notes:

  • Switching from SQLite to MYSQL. This should put a stop to all ‘Database lock errors’ that have plagued the beta versions since beta1.
  • Handle multiple cards gracefully (We now write the PCI location to the EEPROM of the card, so switching cards around on different PCI slots on the same computer now keeps the settings specific to that card)
  • Camera names are now shown in the logs, along with the device ID
  • HTTP Basic Auth support for accessing MJPEG feeds. You can now access a direct MJPEG feed from any application. This is useful for home automation, or viewing IP cameras on a phone. This link is an example of what you would need to access a MJPEG feed:
  • IP camera support has been added. Please note, this is in a early stage, and things may not function properly. We have confirmed that Axis, Vivotek, WowWee and Sony (Generation 5) cameras are working with this release. If a camera support RTSP *and* provides a MJPEG feed (known as dual streaming) then most likely you can connect that camera. Please visit the WIKI (http://improve.bluec…/wiki/ipcameras) for information on supported cameras. You will need to know the following fields: hostname, login, password, RTSP port (defaults to 554), RTSP path (/mpeg4/media.amp for Axis cameras) and MJPEG path (/mjpg/video.mjpg for Axis cameras). We currently do not support RTPoverHTTP or RTPoverUDP. We also do not have support for ACTi cameras at this time.Note: We currently do not support motion detection on any network camera. In beta4 we will rely on the edge device (e.g. – The network camera) to provide motion detection information.

As with any milestone beta release, this will require a clean installation. You *must* run this command:

sudo apt-get remove –purge bluecherry ; sudo rm -rf /var/lib/bluecherry ; sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get install bluecherry

Note: You will be prompted to create a password for the mysql administrator, along with the password for the bluecherry user. You *must* complete this process, or server will not function.
Please report any questions, comments, suggestions to the web forums. We also encourage you to add new posts about IP cameras so we know how they are working. Also feel free to edit the WIKI to update any incorrect or outdated information.

This release adds the following features: