Thank you for considering Bluecherry. We offer a 30-day free trial of our software – no registration is necessary. If you have determined that this software suits you well, please consider purchasing a license.

Licenses included free updates in the current release cycle (ie – Version 2 receives free upgrades during the version 2 cycle. When version 3 is released you can stay on version 2, or upgrade to version 3 at 50% of the license cost).  These licenses include community forum support and email tickets (usually answered the next business day).
Priority support subscriptions are available. These are yearly subscriptions and include priority email support (first response is usually 2-4 hours) and phone support

 One time feeYearly Priority support (optional)  
4 camera license$75 ($50 for residential users)$50
8 camera license$120$90
12 camera license$175$130
16 camera license$225$165
24 camera license$325$250
32 camera license$425$330
64 camera license$650$500
More than 32 portsContact usContact us
  • John_Rambo

    These price are ridiculous.
    I use an Android box, running TinyCam Monitor on it, doing everything what this program does, for the price of a hamburger and a coke.

    Guess this is for Big Businesses. They don’t care less about prices.

  • Jarvis

    Yup for that price I would expect a mobile app at the very least

  • Felix

    Hi All,

    First off, just and FYI: I work in the professional video surveillance industry. Over the past 8 years I’ve designed, sold and installed professional surveillance systems in commercial, industrial and residential environments. I’ve used many reliable, commercial grade video management software (VMS) platforms with many digital and analog cameras brands.

    I was curious and decided to look into some of the Open Source Linux based systems. Bluecherry was one of them. In my opinion, Bluecherry is the easiest to install and manage. I like the look and feel of the client GUI and it was extremely easy to add IP cameras. I used three Hikvision (1 x DS-2CD2132F-I and 2 x DS-2CD2532F-IS) and one Axis P3367-V. All cameras work perfectly.

    If you are looking for low cost VMS solution, I recommend Bluecherry. I love it.

    I do hope that the folks at Bluecherry will collaborate with developers to offer a mobile App for Android and IOS devices. I am currently using the IP Camera Viewer App that works ok, but I’ve like to use something with a bit more features.