We added several features in this release that customers have requested.  In this release when videos are saved the default file name is ‘servername.cameraname.yyyy-MM-dd hh-mm-ss.mkv’,  multiple videos can be saved at the same time and there is a option to play the next (or previous) event from the video player.  This has been a requested feature since the beta and we were happy to add it.

An annoying bug where the configuration file would randomly become corrupt and prevent the client from starting has also been fixed.

We also changed our issue tracker from improve.bluecherrydvr.com to github.com/bluecherrydvr/bluecherry-client/issues and released the client open source with a GPLv2 license.

As always you can download the client on our website, www.bluecherrydvr.com/downloads or run ‘sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get install bluecherry-client’ on Ubuntu / Debian systems.

Note:  Currently the build for the 2.1.0 release of the OS X client has not been released, check the downloads page later this week.

The following features are added in this release:

Support saving of multiple videos to disk
Change default file name when saving videos
Minimize connected servers
Add server port status indicators during ‘Configure a DVR Server’
Advance to the next video after a video is finished
Add GPLv2 License

The following bugs are fixed in this release:

Video playback on Linux freezes or crashes on the second video
Crashes related to the configuration file