Below is a short list of features. Feel free to install our software and give it a spin!

# Install Bluecherry on Ubuntu (LTS version) and Debian 
 sudo bash -c "$(wget -O -"  

# Install Bluecherry on CentOS 7
  sudo bash -c "$(curl -s" 


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Completely Open Source

As of April 20, 2019 Bluecherry has released the entire software suite as open source under the GPL licensing.

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Quickly add network cameras

Quickly add ONVIF supported network cameras automatically with our network scan / detection tool

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Cross platform client

Our open source client is available for Linux, Windows and OS X

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Quick, easy installation

Copy and paste our repository links and install our software in seconds

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User based roles and access

Quickly and easily setup new users and only give them access to cameras or features you want.

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Priority support available

We offer Community forums, Live Chat and email based support and phone support can be purchased separately.

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Web based interface

No bulky configurations via a client interface, all changes are done via the secure web interface.

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API docs

We offer APi documentation for viewing live video or controlling devices.

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Motion detection

Setup areas that you need motion detected and change the sensitivity amount.

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Schedule based recording

Easily select what times of a day / week that you want motion or constant recording.

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Email notifications

Setup email notifications for motion events and receive images.

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Videos stored as MKV format

Videos are accessible from any file system (with the correct permissions), audio and video are stored in MKV containers