This release adds some last minute bug fixes for how the total FPS is calculated for analog capture cards, and the ability to disable, without deleting, email notifications and will now display an alert if the server is not-functioning.

Since this is the 2.0 release, the server will run without any expiration dates.  Existing beta testers who have not purchased a license will need to purchase one by July 28th, 2012, as 2.0-RC2 will stop functioning at that time.

Note:  You must purchase a license key in order for the upgrade from RC2 -> 2.0 to function.

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The following bugs have been fixed in this release:

Bug #1125: Web: specifically indicate when changes to ‘devices’ can not be applied due to insufficient capacity
Bug #1127: Web: Add slashes for mjpeg/rtsp paths automatically

The following features have been added in this release:

Feature #1005: Web: Alert the user when the server is not functional
Feature #1121: Web: Add option to disable email notifications without deleting them.
Feature #1123: Server: Only run for 30 days without a license entered.
Feature #1126: Download PTZ presets updates