This is a larger release than usual, addressing 21 bugs and adding 18 features.  Motion detection has been reworked in this release: where before you had to set a threshold for the entire image, you can now set sensitivity for specific areas in a grid.

RTP support has been a constant challenge, and it seems that when we get one manufacturer’s camera working, it breaks another.  With that in mind, ACTi cameras are currently not functional in this release, and should be fixed in beta 8.1.

This release also addresses problems where too many system events caused the client not to display any at all.  We’ve applied some quick-and-dirty hacks to help with searching events, until a better solution can be implemented in the client.  We’ve also added settings in ‘General settings’ to disable IP camera connectivity checking, system statistics, and new version checking.

There is now a option to download debugging information in System Log.

This release also adds support for IP-PTZ (Pan / Tilt / Zoom).  Since each manufacturer has their own unique way of handling this, and most change their API in different models, it may only work on select cameras for now.  Currently Axis and ACTi cameras are supported.  If you have access to any IP-PTZ camera and would be willing to let us remotely test on it, please drop a note to (beta at

Important note:

The main reason for the (free) Bluecherry Version 2 Beta is for you to provide feedback and preview what will be added in 2.0.  Please remember, this is a *beta* application.  Things are likely to break, and break badly.  Lately we’ve seen a large uptick in customers complaining about a big part of the application (server / web / client);  We need (and want) constructive comments.  Rather than just telling us broad opinions, we want to know *what* isn’t useful and how you would change it.  If you take the time to draw a picture, record a video, or type a 15 page article on what you want improved, we will look at it, consider it, and include your thoughts in our future plans.

This release requires a complete removal of the Bluecherry software.  It also requires that you update to version 2.3.6 of the driver (if you are using an analog card).

sudo apt-get remove --purge bluecherry
sudo rm -rf /var/lib/bluecherry
sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get install solo6010-dkms bluecherry

The following bugs are fixed in this release:

  • Bug #763: D-Link cameras RTSP streaming doesn’t work
  • Bug #774: No logout in live view for viewer accounts
  • Bug #785: Server: Error reading from sound device: Broken pipe
  • Bug #840: Web: livewview.php missing ptz
  • Bug #842: Axis MJPEG sub path is wrong in the pre-loaded database
  • Bug #848: Web Live View unable to reset layout
  • Bug #866: Web: remove disabled devices from the live view layout
  • Bug #869: Events over 30,000 causes the client to return any events during search
  • Bug #873: Server: Motion does not activate unless all grids are marked
  • Bug #880: Continuous events are only being recorded for 5-8 seconds
  • Bug #882: Web: Mjpeg port not saved from editip page
  • Bug #889: Installation: Create /var/run/bluecherry
  • Bug #890: Axis cameras do not function in beta 7 (return Failed DESCRIBE or error opening avcodec)
  • Bug #894: Device-specific schedules do not properly save
  • Bug #911: bc-server crashes instantly when enabling an Axis camera
  • Bug #913: bluecherry Ubuntu 11.04 (natty) release depends on old dependancy (libavutil)
  • Bug #915: Recordings from IP cameras are not logged in EventsCam
  • Bug #920: Audio is disabled on solo6x10 cards
  • Bug #921: apache2: E(/etc/bluecherry.conf): Error parsing config at line 0
  • Bug #923: 100% CPU related to RTP/UDP cameras
  • Bug #926: RTP stream from Axis cameras produce broken frames and the time stamp jumps forwards and backwards
The following features are added in this release: 
  • Feature #587: Display red indicator in OSD for when bc-server is recording the feed
  • Feature #659: PHP function to check access to an IP camera
  • Feature #672: Support H.264 RTP streams
  • Feature #770: Correctly identify if a network camera is not accessible
  • Feature #784: Web: Option to enable / disable audio per device
  • Feature #786: Server: Support network cameras where the web port != 80
  • Feature #787: Web: Support network cameras where the web port != 80
  • Feature #839: Web: update the ipCameras and ipCameraDriver (ipCameraPtz) from Bluecherry servers
  • Feature #845: Support reduced frame rates for the MJPEG streams
  • Feature #859: Utility: Clean up ‘In Progress’ events
  • Feature #863: Web: Strip spaces from sub paths
  • Feature #864: Web: Embed iframe from each network cameras motion detection page
  • Feature #868: Web: Make text field the first active field in ‘Login’ field
  • Feature #875: Multiple emails for users
  • Feature #876: WWW: Allow viewing both server and www logs in the web UI
  • Feature #883: Update RSS import location for Announcements
  • Feature #903: Link to download debugging information
  • Feature #922: Options to disable version check/ip camera connection check/stats display