Server release notes:

This release includes support for analog PTZ cameras that support Pelco-D.  Both the client and the web interface have support for controlling analog PTZ cameras however currently only the client supports using presets. This release also resolves problems with ‘Failed DESCRIBE request’ when using Axis cameras.

Note: Currently there is a known bug (#712) that causes serious lag when giving several PTZ commands back to back.  This is set to be fixed in beta5.1

Client release notes:

This release features support for analog Pan / Tilt / Zoom cameras. This release also offloads scaling from the CPU to the video card (GPU) using OpenGL. If you are using Linux, make sure the device drivers for your video card are installed and that you are not using the ‘generic’ VESA X11 driver, otherwise you will not be able to make use of the performance enhancements that OpenGL provides. This release also has several general live view improvements.

A short screen-cast of the new PTZ controls in the client can be viewed here:…h?v=-4YeH3UCUCA

As always, you can download the client from

The following features are added in this release:

  • Feature #52: Control Pan / Tilt / Zoom camera with a mouse in the user interface
  • Feature #503: Revamp individual controls of cameras in layout(s)
  • Feature #570: Support OpenGL to reduce CPU usage during live viewing
  • Feature #580: Cache device names in local configuration to enable better UI
  • Feature #700: Add border around windows that is ‘in focus’
  • Feature #713: Respect the ‘Disabled’ setting on devices
  • Feature #727: Support PTZ presets
  • Feature #728: PTZ support

The following bugs were resolved in this release:

  • Bug #643: External web links in server config should open the system browser
  • Bug #661: Alarm-level events show up as ‘Info’
  • Bug #694: Axis RTSP does not work, logs show Error starting stream: Failed DESCRIBE request
  • Bug #696: Web: Live view does not have the option to save / edit layouts
  • Bug #697: Web: Clicking ‘Save Changes’ over and over during add user adds multiple users
  • Bug #710: Web interface locks up, waiting for javascript to finish

Note:  This release requires a clean package install (–purge).  You will need to run this command:

sudo rm -rf /var/lib/bluecherry ; sudo apt-get remove –purge bluecherry ; sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get install bluecherry

If this is your first Bluecherry installation, please read the help manual for installation instructions: