We get this question alot.  The short answer is absolutely not.

While it’s common place for some companies to use existing open source software and build on that (a good example is Boxee), our software is completely written from the ground up for commercial applications.  It does not contain any code from Zoneminder, and never will.

We do use some open source libraries, and comply with any licensing for those.  We also give back to those libraries and supply patches for bugs that we found, or features that we want added.  A good example is our patches to libav.

What is Zoneminder? 

Zoneminder is free open source security / recording application that is written to work with Video4Linux supported capture cards. While it does support network cameras it does not support audio and does not have a GUI interface. Zoneminder is community supported and commercial support / SLA is not available. It is also licensed GPL, which means we couldn’t use any of the source code if we wanted to in a closed source application.