New (lower!) software license pricing

New pricing on licenses

You’ve asked that we look at lowering our camera licensing options.  We’ve listened and effective April 29th, 2015 we are changing our pricing model.  We’ve lowered all of our software licenses and added a entry level 4 port camera license for home / consumer users priced at $50, compared to the previous $100 pricing.
With the lower pricing the plan includes community forums and email based support.  The optional yearly support subscription plan includes phone support, live chat and priority email support (usually answered within 2 hours).  Priority support can be purchased here.

New pricing effective April 29th, 2015
4 camera license$75 ($50 for residential and non-profit)
8 camera license$140
12 camera license$200
16 camera license$250
24 camera license$375
32 camera license$500
More than 32 cameras Contact us