Bluecherry – Open source high resolution IP camera update

Over the past several months we’ve been exploring adding our own line of completely open source IP cameras (everything from the boot loader to the backend services).  We’ve decided on the specifications for the hardware, which is below.  In the next several weeks we plan to launch a Kickstarter project aimed at providing funding for these cameras. This will cover the development cost and once funded we will release all of the source code from the kernel to the services open source.

If you are interested please start talking with friends and letting them know what we have planned. Not all Kickstarter projects make it, but we are hoping to set the minimal funding amount low enough that with some work, we can make the goal. If you aren’t familiar with Kickstarter you can ‘pledge’ any amount (starting at a dollar) and you will only be billed if the project is fully funded.

Our cameras will feature a 533Mhz ARMv5 processor, 256MB of system memory and 32MB of flash.  Most will have POE (Power over Ethernet).  Some will have Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), an infrared cut filter (ICR), and two way audio. Some will have a 720p resolution, others will support 3 megapixel.
More information about the camera models and pictures of the housings can be seen here.  If you want to be notified about the progress please signup for our email notification list here.