Server downloads:

Latest server version: 3.1.0-rc2

Server installation instructions:

# ** Bluecherry beta (3.x) **
# Install Bluecherry on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, 20.04 LTS, Ubuntu 20.10, Ubuntu 21.04, Debian 10, Debian 11
# Recommended for the ONVIF motion detection, sub streaming, H265 (beta) support **
  sudo bash -c "$(curl -s" 

Once installed, connect to the newly installed server with a web browser (https://bluecherryserver:7001)
(Default login: Admin / bluecherry)

# Install the Linux client:
sudo apt-get install bluecherry-client

Client downloads:

Latest Windows / OS X: 2.2.9
Latest Ubuntu version: 2.2.9

Ubuntu 18.04 and newerWindows x64
OS XDebian Buster and newer)

Docker image for Bluecherry Client

Mobile Apps

Update: 7/6/21 – Bluecherry mobile app is now in beta testing, click the link(s) below to be notified when they are released.  O

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