What is Bluecherry?

Bluecherry is a Debian / Ubuntu / CentOS based Linux video surveillance application that supports network (IP) cameras. The Bluecherry software has a low memory footprint, supports ONVIF, and issues GPU for motion detection. This means that a lower end server with a supported GPU (embedded Intel graphics for example) can support multiple streams with low CPU usage.

Bluecherry has both a web view for configuration and live viewing and a open source multi-operating system client (Linux, Windows, OSX). Bluecherry can easily be installed in a virtual machine for testing or deployment and upgraded via standard distribution upgrade methods (ie – no binary blobs to replace manually).


Completely Open Source

As of April 20, 2019 Bluecherry has released the entire software suite as open source under the GPL licensing.

Quickly add network cameras

Quickly add ONVIF supported network cameras automatically with our network scan / detection tool

Cross platform client

Our open source client is available for Linux, Windows and OS X

Quick, easy installation

Copy and paste our repository links and install our software in seconds

User based roles and access

Quickly and easily setup new users and only give them access to cameras or features you want.

Priority support available

We offer Community forums, Live Chat and email based support and phone support can be purchased separately.

One command install

# Ubuntu / Debian systems make sure curl AND sudo is installed (apt-get install curl sudo)
sudo bash -c "$(curl -s https://dl.bluecherrydvr.com/scripts/install-unstable)" 


Once installed, connect to the newly installed server with a web browser (https://bluecherryserver:7001)

Default login: Admin Password: bluecherry

Install the Linux client:
sudo apt-get install bluecherry-client

Windows / OSX client download




Perpetual / Starting at $50


Yearly / Starting at $50

Support for more then 4 cameras
Motion detection
ONVIF camera auto-detection
ONVIF motion triggering
User based access
Cross Platform Client
Email notifications
HLS support
Custom CNAME
Letsencrypt TLS
LDAP / Active Directory