If you have determined that this software suits you well, please consider purchasing a license.

The personal / small business licenses include community forum support and email tickets (usually answered the next business day).
Enterprise subscriptions are available. These are yearly subscriptions and include priority email support (first response is usually 2-4 hours) and phone support (8×5)

Why are we charging for support?

Our developers like to get paid, and we’d sure like to continue to offer enhancements to the software.  In order to keep our support staff working hard and put our developers working on development we decided to extend the support options for our software.

What is covered in the paid support options?

We’ll cover the following:

We can’t cover basic system administrative issues such as  diagnosing a non-Bluecherry server, networking issues (VPN, etc), disk drive issues, or things that require on-site service (installation of cameras, fixing a non-booting server, etc)

 Personal / Small businessEnterprise
4 camera license$50$75/year
8 camera license$80$150/year
12 camera license$130$225/year
16 camera license$170$275/year
32 camera license$315$375/year
64 camera license$480$450/year
96 camera license$670$700/year