Easy installation!

Download our bootable ISO for quick installation or simply follow our two line instructions and run apt-get install bluecherry from an existing Debian or Ubuntu LTS installation.

Cross platform client

Watch live and recorded videos and manage your system from our cross platform client.

IP Camera support

With our growing list of 2800 pre-defined IP cameras from over 30 IP manufacturers it is easy to add your IP cameras. Have a IP camera that isn’t on our pre-defined list? No problem, simply add the RTSP or MJPEG path and start streaming video!

Web based playback and live view

Access live streams and recorded videos from a web browser

User based roles and access

Quickly and easily setup new users and only give them access to cameras or features you want. Don’t want an employee to have access to certain cameras? No problem, simply click the cameras you want employees to have access to.