Release notes

  • This release now supports ACTi cameras (see the WIKI for more information)
  • This release now supports certain Vivotek cameras (IP7131 for example) that do *not* support dual streaming, but do provide a single JPEG image.
  • This release now supports Sony R5 cameras.
  • It is now possible to support save web layouts.  Layouts are saved on the database, so you are no longer required to create layouts when you switch browsers or clear cookies.
  • This release supports per-user camera restrictions.  By *default* all cameras are enabled for each user, however you can select which camera the user has access to once the user is added.

The following features are added in this release:

The following bugs were resolved in this release:

  • Bug #555: Web: Slight formatting issue with left column when using Qt Webkit on OS X
  • Bug #573: mjpeg.php occasionally says LANG_DIE_COULDNOTOPENCONF
  • Bug #648: Server: Change file format naming, replace colons separators with periods or underscores
  • Bug #654: RTSP problems with Sony revision 5 cameras
  • Bug #677: Frame drops with solo driver 2.1.0