This release mainly focuses on the new Bluecherry H.264 16 port capture cards.  It also adds a black border around the OSD so the OSD isn’t washed out as easily.

The following features are added in this release:

  • Feature #826: solo: Update SDRAM offsets and comment layout
  • Feature #827: solo: Fix offsets (especially to fit into 32Meg SDRAM)
  • Feature #828: p2m: Auto-detect size of SDRAM
  • Feature #829: p2m: Virtualize descriptor mode for 6110
  • Feature #830: v4l2-enc: Use contiguous dma for 6110
  • Feature #832: OSD: Add drop shadow around text to help contrast
  • Feature #833: OSD: Extend string length to 44 characters (352/8, max line length for CIF)
  • Feature #834: Add black box around time stamp

The following bugs are resolved in this release:

  • Bug #825: solo6110: Changing resolutions causes the H.264 encoder to not display anything
  • Bug #831: Revert “encoder: Use scattergather exclusively”