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  • Hardware compression H.264 capture card
  • 4 port video inputs, 1 port video output
  • 4 port audio inputs, 1 port audio output
  • 120FPS recording @ 352×240, 120FPS @ 704×480
  • New! PCIe design

    The Bluecherry BC-H04120A is true hardware compression card supported by our Video4Linux(2) driver.  Recently tests with this driver has shown siginificant CPU / memory saving over standard software compression cards. 

    This card has several features not commonly found on traditional Linux supported MPEG-4 encoders, including:

  • Each port has a MJPEG and H.264 encoder, each can be opened separately.  
  • Each device shows up as a Video4Linux(2) device and you have access to each encoder using standard Video4Linux APIs.
  • Each port is loaded up as an ALSA sound device, allowing for encoding G.723 audio from each audio input.
  • The driver exposes the video output as a ‘display’ device, allowing you to control the video output (specify which inputs are displayed on the composite output)
  • Our driver is available in the latest kernel releases, in the ‘staging’ directory. 

    Note: The device has the following features, which are currently not supported in the driver:  Hardware (on-card) motion detection. Hardware motion detection is currently only supported in our software.

    More technical details on this card and driver can be found here: 

  • Additional information
    Weight 3 lbs
    Dimensions 8 × 6 × 2 in