The 2.0.1 release is mainly a maintenance (bug fix) release focusing on improving IP camera compatibility (including Cisco and Toshiba cameras). Along with many minor fixes, logs will be created correctly after installation and IP cameras will be less verbose about minor warnings.
Information on how to upgrade to this release can be found on our Knowledge Base.

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The following bugs were fixed in this release:

Bug #1133: Log file is sometimes empty after install
Bug #1139: web: PTZ not working for IP cameras
Bug #1140: Web: FPS calculated improperly for MPEG4 cards
Bug #1142: Apache is not reloaded after installation in some cases
Bug #1148: Spelling error on Devices -> Settings -> Video / Audio adjustments
Bug #1149: No proper error when storage paths cannot be created
Bug #1152: Web: explicitly check for duplicate paths when camera ip addresses is changed
Bug #1154: Allow RTP devices with video streams at unusual PTS rates
Bug #1155: Web: make sure that PTZ control paths have slashes added, change default PTZ port
Bug #1156: Web: limit PTZ command execution time
Bug #1158: Unexpected “device disabled due to licensing” on some solo installations
Bug #1159: Web: randomize filename of the image sent with a notification
Bug #1161: Hide more RTP messages when debugging isn’t enabled

The following features were added in this release:

Feature #1128: Expand API to include fetching JPEG images from events