This releases adds supports for Debian releases and limits the amount of mysql queries when doing media cleanups.  This releases also has some threading fixes and has backtracing support to help provide more useful logs to developers when bad things happen.

Note:  If you have been given a ‘nightly’ package to improve IP camera streaming please keep that version and do not upgrade to this release.  Those changes will not be added until 2.1.0.

Information on how to upgrade to this release can be found on our Knowledge Base.

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The following bugs were fixed in this release:

* Moved pidfile to /var/run/bluecherry/
* Added backtracing support
* Added internal libconfig to avoid problems with system-provided versions
* Limit media cleanup queries to 100 results, to avoid killing mysql connection

The following features were added in this release:

* Fixed SysVinit script
* Fixed issue with missing syslog user on Debian
* Fixed linking issues
* Fixed debian init script installation
* Fixed permission issues with bluecherry.conf
* Threading fixes