This unstable release is the latest in the bleeding edge of development.

This release fixes some use case problems where license keys were randomly invalidated.  This also fixes some recording issues with tw5864 cards.  This release also adds support for experimental RPM packages for CentOS.

Download instructions for the unstable repository can be found here.  Please post questions or comments to the unstable / bleeding edge forum (  It is not possible to downgrade from the unstable release back to the stable release without completely removing and reinstalling the software (including the database).

The following changes were added in this release:
* Fix tw5864 recordings failures caused by wrong timestamp handling
* Enhance licensing code to avoid invalidations
* Fix available memory reporting in web interface
* Packaging improvements for RPM packages (CentOS 7)
* Playback page enhancements
* Web: Playback page – fixed ‘event duration’
* Web: Playback page – added sorting
* Fix issues with “add IP camera” dialog
* Add ability to change a device name from the devices page
* Fixes for backup & restore dialog