The 2.8 release is the latest stable version and includes months of development that was included in the 2.7 unstable tree.  This release supports the following major features:

  • Resolves storage calculation problem with large NFS / SMB mounted storage devices
  • Resolves problem with long start-up times where the server wouldn’t start until all (abandoned) media was checked to make sure the video lengths were correct
  • Fixes error in backup / restore section
  • Automatically load solo6x10 and tw5864 capture card modules (if installed – analog cameras only)

Upgrading to 2.8.2 is as simple as running ‘sudo apt-get update ;  sudo apt-get install bluecherry’ on Ubuntu / Debian systems

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Important notes about this release:

Please make sure all motion maps are correct once you install 2.8.  Previously motion mapping was invalid in some configurations causing false positives or no motion detection at all.  In order to resolve the motion map is reset to default when invalid size is
detected. Also the motion map is reset to default after switching PAL/NTSC on solo6x10 cards, because different motion map sizes are required for each signal type.

The following list of changes for the 2.8.2 release: 

  • Fixed media cleaning caused by error in free space calculation
  • Fixed error message in backup restore
  • Updated database of IP cameras
  • Autoloading of solo6x10 and tw5864 capture card kernel modules
  • Removed solo6010-dkms
  • Added link to server documentation in web UI
  • Removed warning about experimental status of audio support