This release focuses on general bug fixes and has some minor features that will be built upon in beta 8.  This release also starts to use the new functionality for adding IP cameras.  Instead of having to lookup RTSP and MJPEG sub paths, the paths are now stored in a database and automatically filled when you select the manufacturer and model.

The web live-view has also been redesigned (again), which now makes it more mobile friendly.  Instead of dragging the items from the left, you simply click on the area of the layout that you want the image to be in, and select the camera from the pop-up.  This should resolve some problems with mobile devices, where before you had to ‘save’ a layout and then click on that layout from the mobile device.

The following features are added in this release:

  • Feature #411: Save JPEG image from each event
  • Feature #492: Add black box around time stamp
  • Feature #514: Allowing adjusting the post-record / pre-record time
  • Feature #638: (Web) Add “Enable All” button to switch on all ports for a specific card
  • Feature #687: Web: Support PTZ Presets
  • Feature #732: Web: Show statistics (events per day, week, month)
  • Feature #752: Web: Show device id next to each port on devices page
  • Feature #821: Web: auto fill information from database when adding ip camera

The following bugs are fixed in this release:

  • Bug #750: Continuous recording from network cameras seriously truncates the time
  • Bug #762: web: set to be the key/auto_increment
  • Bug #771: bc-server seg faults and causes a OOM event
  • Bug #772: Server: PTZ commands unresponsive in 6.4
  • Bug #773: Non administrator accounts not able to see cameras in the client
  • Bug #794: server: NUL terminate the value read from video_type on driver sysfs
  • Bug #824: solo6110: Changing resolutions causes the H.264 encoder to not display anything

To upgrade to this release you will need to run this command, which will remove the software *and* the database / media events:

sudo apt-get remove –purge bluecherry ; sudo apt-get update ; sudo rm -rf /var/lib/bluecherry ; sudo apt-get install bluecherry