Below is a list of supported Y-Cam models updated as of 2/9/2015. We frequently add support for new IP cameras, so please check back often.

ModelResolutionType of camera
Bullet HD 1080 (2nd Gen)1920x1080Bullet
Bullet HD 720 (2nd Gen)1280x720Bullet
Cube HD 10801920x1080Box
Cube HD 7201280x720Box
Bullet HD 10801920x1080Bullet
Bullet HD 7201280x720Bullet
Knight SD640x480Box
Knight S640x480Box
Black S640x480Box
White S640x480Box
White SD640x480Box
Black SD640x480Box
Bullet White640x480Box
Bullet Black640x480Box
Black SD POE640x480Box
White S POE640x480Box