About Bluecherry

About Bluecherry

Bluecherry develops a commercial surveillance application under the name ‘Bluecherry’.  This server software is a Ubuntu based application that records and streams audio and video from both analog and network cameras.  Users can view real-time video from both a web interface and from the (free) cross platform client application.  Advanced user permissions allows administrators to specify who has access to which cameras and also allows the administrator to restrict certain functionality to specific users.  Videos can easily be saved from the client and given to security or law enforcement.

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Who are you guys?

Curtis Hall – Founder

Curtis manages the day to day operations of Bluecherry.  He spends much of his time dreaming of enhancements and ways to make the software more user-friendly.

Anton Sviridenko – Software Developer

Anton is a cross platform Qt developer who develops the Bluecherry cross platform application and also helps with server development

Patent Licences

Bluecherry is a registered licensee of the patent licenses:

MPEG-4 Visual License (MPEGLA)


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