Bluecherry 2.0 beta 2 (server) released

We are very happy to release the second milestone of the Bluecherry public beta (beta 2). This milestone release focused on several features that didn’t make it into beta 1, and started the work on beta 3 (which includes IP camera support).

The following features were added in this release:

  • Feature #385: Delete oldest events when disk usage reaches 95%
  • Feature #407: Web: Add total devices found on ‘Devices’ page
  • Feature #479: Add numerical value to video controls
  • Feature #482: Web: Add text for ‘Drag camera into layout’
  • Feature #491: Add ‘notes’ area in the web setup interface
  • Feature #506: Show logged in users
  • Feature #524: Add motion start|stop information to bluecherry.log
  • Feature #532: Allow storage location to be changed
  • Feature #533: Changing between NTSC and PAL should perform an update on already configured devices
  • Feature #584: Web: Add 7.5FPS option for analog card drop down menu
  • Feature #585: Web: Notify user that command line changes are required when switching to PAL
  • Feature #590: Resolve potential locking problem between bc-server and event writer

The following bugs were resolved in this release:

  • Bug #474: Web: Device settings open after camera is disabled
  • Bug #510: MJPEG feed breaks, causing video weirdness on random ports
  • Bug #512: database is locked errors on startup running bc-detect
  • Bug #566: Web: Unable to change password
  • Bug #567: Server requests can get stuck behind long requests, such as video downloads
  • Bug #572: Webview uses instead of
  • Bug #581: Resolve race condition in bc-detect