Bluecherry 2.0 beta 6 (server) released

Release notes

This release includes support for saving events to multiple storage locations and enabling a per storage device deletion percentage. Several other general features and improvements have been made in this release. See the entire change log below for more information.

Note:  Currently storage locations have to be formatted and mounted on startup for version 2 to make use of the storage devices.  Following this WIKI article should provide enough information to format and mount partitions.

The following features are added in this release:

  • Feature #406: Server: Ability to handle multiple storage locations
  • Feature #484: Web: Add ‘Fill all’ to schedule pages
  • Feature #563: Web: Add a ‘Logout’ button in the web interface
  • Feature #564: Web: Require authentication when selecting ‘Configure Server’ in the client
  • Feature #593: Add support for deletion percentage and deletion percentage trigger in the database
  • Feature #594: Web: Add support for setting deletion percentage and deletion percentage trigger
  • Feature #627: Web: Show if a camera is not using a global schedule
  • Feature #630: Web: Hide the background on the fly during motion mapping
  • Feature #647: Web: Change text or color of button when changes are successfully applied
  • Feature #735: Add basic auth support for PTZ controls

The following bugs are fixed in this release:

  • Bug #496: Complain *loudly* if unable to write events
  • Bug #736: Incorrect version detection
  • Bug #737: Active users script
  • Bug #741: Server: Events are not filtered properly during deletion