Bluecherry – H.264 capture card buyback

Receive store credit or software licenses towards the return of your Bluecherry capture card

Have a Bluecherry H.264 PCIe hardware compression capture card?  Recently upgraded from analog to network cameras and don’t need your capture card any longer?  We are now offering a buyback for Bluecherry H.264 capture cards.  We have two options, either straight store credit towards the purchase of any product onour site, or for Bluecherry software license(s).

Buyback pricing

Store CreditTrade in for Bluecherry licenses
BC-H04120A$100        OR 1 x 4 port license and $30 in store credit
BC-H08240A$125OR 1 x 8 port license
BC-H16480A$150OR 1 x 16 port license

Note:  This buyback offer is only for Bluecherry hardware compression cards (H.264 – PCIe) and not for Bluecherry MPEG-4 PCI cards or TW / PV- series cards.  You will receive a return label to return the capture cards.  Sorry, we only offer return labels for domestic customers only.

If you are interested in this offer please email with your order number and shipping address.