Bluecherry releases 8 port H.264 Linux supported encoder cards

January 9th, 2012 (Fulton, Missouri) – Bluecherry, a leader in Linux based video surveillance, is proud to release the BC-H08240A – 8 port hardware compression H.264 PCIe card.  This card features real-time recording at 352×240, or 150FPS recording (total) at 704×480.  This card also has support for 8 audio inputs, along with a video display port, that acts as an on-card multiplexer that allows up to 16 cameras to be displayed on a television via the composite output.  Each input can simultaneously encode 2 H.264 streams and one MJPEG stream.  This card also has on-board motion detection, which makes it an excellent candidate for open-source or proprietary surveillance applications.

The Bluecherry H.264 cards come with an eighteen month warranty, a thirty day no hassle return, and our GPL-licensed Linux driver.  Bluecherry is a registered licensee of the MPEG-4 visual patent license (MPEGLA).Bluecherry develops a free, open source (GPL) licensed Video4Linux2 driver that exposes much of the video functionality of the card to user-space applications.  The audio is handled by the ALSA sound system.  This driver is publicly available at

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