Bluecherry releases its cross platform video surveillance client open source (GPLv2)


Febuary 7th, 2013 (Fulton, Missouri) – Bluecherry, a leader in Linux based video surveillance, is proud to announce the release of its cross platform client software under a GPLv2 license.  This software is written in Qt / C++ and developed for Windows, Linux and OS X operating systems.  The Bluecherry client is capable of connecting to multiple Bluecherry server installations and streaming live video from analog or network cameras using RTP, browsing historical recordings, and displaying events from multiple servers.

“It has always been my goal to give back to the open source community” says Curtis Hall, Bluecherry’s Founder.  “The client represents several years of development.  I feel having it (the client) open source will give better visibility to our customers on where we plan to go with the client and our software in the future.”.

The full client source code can be downloaded from

About Bluecherry:  

Bluecherry develops a commercial surveillance application under the name ‘Bluecherry’.  This server software is a Ubuntu based application that records and streams audio and video from both analog and network cameras.  Users can view real-time video from both a web interface and from the (free) cross platform client application.  Advanced user permissions allows administrators to specify who has access to which cameras and also allows the administrator to restrict certain functionality to specific users.  Videos can easily be saved from the client and given to security or law enforcement.

In 2010 Bluecherry released the worlds first multi-input MPEG-4 card with a GPL licensed driver.  In 2012 Bluecherry released the worlds first multi-input H.264 card also with a GPL licensed driver. Both drivers are publicly available at