This release fixes several crashes reported in the 2.2.2 and adds support for Polish translation.  Ubuntu and Debian versions now support newer OpenSSL versions (< 0.9.8).  This release also allows the low bandwidth setting to be preserved during client restarts. As always you can download the client on our website, or run 'sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get install bluecherry-client' on Ubuntu / Debian systems.  Optionally you can build the latest client yourself by downloading the source code here ( Any issues can be reported to the community forums The following features are added in this release:
* Add support for Polish translation
* Updated OpenSSL version used by Bluecherry
* For live view bandwidth settings (low bandwidth mode) to be remembered during client restarts
The following bugs are fixed in this release:
* Make sure temporary video files left from previous runs are cleared on startup
* Fix seeking during play back * Scroll do not work properly after player finished playing ( * Fix crashes (#256, #247) * Fix Wrong default argument in EventVideoPlayer::setVideo() declaration crash * Fix Double MplayerProcess::position() is inherently asynchronous crash