[Driver] 2.3.1 released

This release is mainly a feature only release, no major bugs were resolved. The complete change log is below.

The following features are added in this release:

  • Feature #699: Remove WARNING messages logged to kern.log
  • Feature #808: utils: Add example bc-record program
  • Feature #809: v4l2-enc: Move av_lock to be per filehandle
  • Feature #810: encoder: Use scattergather exclusively
  • Feature #811: encoder: Return EBUSY if attempts are made to switch GOP after encoder is running
  • Feature #812: encoder: Allow setting GOP before enabling the encoder
  • Feature #813: encoder: Sanity-check mpeg size from VOP header
  • Feature #814: display: Fix skipping and jumping in frames
  • Feature #815: p2m: Track number of timeouts for statistics
  • Feature #816: display: Return buffer on blank frames without error
  • Feature #817: core: Set SDRAM size correctly for 4-port cards (fixes 4-port tw2815)