[Server] 2.1.9 released

NOTE:  Database changes are required for this upgrade.  During the upgrade process you will be prompted for your root mysql password. The instructions for doing this are the same as the 2.1.7 upgrade, you can review those instructions here.

Once you have the root mysql password, follow the instructions on how to upgrade on our Knowledge Base.

This release focuses on increasing the stability of the server.  Several memory / CPU leaks have been fixed.  Customers that reported high CPU usage on systems with multiple IP cameras should see a reduction in CPU usage around 10-15%.

Other fixes in this release include a snapshot problem where emails were sent prematurely and the image was from before the motion occurred, not when the motion actually happened.  Thanks to the customers who posted about this on the community forums and helped us test out beta releases.

We also now have a option in the web interface to force a camera from TCP to UDP, as some cameras don’t play nice with TCP streaming.  If you experience problems with your IP camera (video is smearing, disconnection problems, etc), try changing from TCP to UDP as seen below (Devices -> IP Cameras -> Camera Name -> Properties)

Screenshot 2014-05-01 19.02.01

Questions or Comments?  Visit our new community page community.bluecherrydvr.com

The following bugs were fixed in this release:

* Fixed MySQL-related crashed
* Fixed motion detection and streaming errors
* Installation fixes
* media_writer: Init AVPacket before any goto to avoid crash on freeing
* Fix snapshotting issues
* Fix symlinked storage location cleaning issue
* Memory leaks fixes
* Bugfix related to media files allocation

 The following features were added in this release:

* Available recording time estimation now done on-the-fly
* Fixes to license checking code
* Fixed recording path truncation issues
* Upgraded toolchains
* Improved motion detection performance
* Default back to UDP now that it works better
* Filtered some bogus error messages
* Fixed locking problems
* Various cleanups
* Change motion detection interval from 45 ms to 200 ms
* Parametrize snapshot delay from DB
* Add RTP transport selection in web interface
* Add configuration of max recording duration
* Fixed motion detection and streaming errors