[Server] 2.2.0 released / MJPEG streaming support!

This release focuses on increasing the stability of the server.  We’ve also taken several steps to make upgrades painless in the future.  From now on you will not be prompted for the mysql administrator (root) password and everything will be handled by the upgrade scripts.  During installation of this package you will see a message that says ‘Installation succeeded’, indicating the process has completed.  If an error occurs you will be prompted to open a support ticket.

This release also adds support for IP cameras that only support MJPEG streaming.  This has been a very popular request since the initial release of Version 2.  This support is still in beta and information on how to change to MJPEG streaming can be found here.  This release also makes it possible to delete IP cameras from the web interface and there is a new storage estimation section in the storage area.

We are also working on a unstable / bleeding edge version of the server.  One of the features in this release is the ability to backup / restore configuration changes and playback of archived events from a web browser using either flash or HTML5.  You can signup for unstable email notifications here.


Screenshot 2014-06-12 09.01.00


Questions or Comments?  Visit our new community page community.bluecherrydvr.com

The following bugs were fixed in this release:

* Package upgrading process enhancements
* Fix device removal
* Bugfix for web UI on Ubuntu 14.04 (PHP problems with newer version of PHP)
* DB maintenance improvements
* Packaging fixes for Ubuntu releases
* Fix Ubuntu 14.04 installation issues with Apache
* Fix lingering connections from Apache to MJPEG source
* Fix the issue of very short recording time activated by default

 The following features were added in this release:

* Support video streaming from HTTP MJPEG stream (for cameras without RTSP)
* Packaging enhancements
* Cut off unneeded units of ffmpeg libs
* Update incorrect maintainers email address.
* Log additional info when solo card driver returns error