[Server] 2.3.12 released

This unstable release is the latest in the bleeding edge of development.  Some of the things listed below may not work, or may require database changes as the web hooks haven’t been added yet.

Note:  We have changed the way that we list IP cameras when adding or changing an IP camera.  Please read up on this knowledge base article (http://bluecherry.helpscoutdocs.com/article/117-article)

Download instructions for the unstable repository can be found here.  Please post questions or comments to the unstable / bleeding edge forum (community.bluecherrydvr.com).  It is not possible to downgrade from the unstable release back to the stable release without completely removing and reinstalling the software (including the database).

The following changes were added in this release:

* postinst: fix debconf questions/notifications handling for automated installing
* Don’t parse mjpeg_path when it is not needed, fix related runtime bug
* Avoid poivif*/.git files in packages
* www/media/mjpeg.php: Improve mjpeg stream parsing
* Packaging fix: postinst: Avoid spare INSERT of G_DB_VERSION by doing previous DELETE
* Hangup device thread if it is removed from DB
* Use Cambase.io for IP cameras presets
* Ship cameras.db blob
* rm sqlite db before filling in; simplify its dir creation
* stop apache for all the time of execution of postinst
* Add package dependency on sqlite3
* Support HTTPS for PTZ requests
* Change media_lock type from mutex to rwlock
* Fix “Strictly limit max age of stored recordings #45”
* Fix minor leak (issue #43)
* Packaging fix
* Notify by email when solo card(s) don’t get up, or get recovered
* Improve notifications in case of various camera init failures
* Update FFmpeg to current git master HEAD + more patches for better open/read status codes