With the release of 2.6 we are offering 26% off all software licenses until April 15, 2016 using coupon code 26Release.  Save 10% off our new 16 port H.264 capture card bundle using coupon code bundlesavings.

The 2.6 release is the latest stable version and includes months of development that was included in the 2.5 unstable tree.  This release supports the following major features:

  • ONVIF camera detection
  • New (redesigned) web interface backend
  • HTML5 video playback from the web interface (accessed from https://bluecherry-server:7001/playback)
  • New motion detection support that lowers CPU usage by 20-40% (http://docs.bluecherrydvr.com/article/128-experimental-motion-detection)
  • Changes to the license key authentication system to stop random license key rejections.
  • Trigger events via API call. Currently this API is very limited and you can only trigger a recording for a pre-set period of time.  We will update this page with more information once we expand the API in future releases.
  • Add support for BC-H480p-16 (Bluecherry H.264 capture cards)

Upgrading to 2.6 is as simple as running ‘sudo apt-get update ;  sudo apt-get install bluecherry’

Questions or Comments?  Visit our community support site (community.bluecherrydvr.com).

The following list of changes for the 2.6 release: