[Server] 2.8.5 released

Bluecherry version 2.8.5 was released with the following changes:

  • Fixed crash caused by non-video or audio packets sent by some IP cameras
  • Improved file removal
  • Fixed issue in web UI that caused endless loop filling Apache error log with error messages and triggered by deleting recording files being downloaded
  • Improved estimation of remaining storage time available
  • Used percent of storage space is displayed along with remaining recording time
  • Fixed crash caused by changing motion detection settings on camera in continuous recording mode
  • Use the correct username in the logrotate config file on debian
  • Improved installation process

Upgrading is as simple as running ‘sudo apt-get update ;  sudo apt-get upgrade’ on Ubuntu / Debian systems

The CentOS version now supports updating from a yum repository, new installations will have this enabled by default. If you want to upgrade your existing installation to use the yum repository please follow the steps detailed here. Upgrading on CentOS from the yum repository is as simple as running ‘sudo yum update’

Questions or Comments?  Visit our community support site (community.bluecherrydvr.com).