[Server] 3.0.5 released

Bluecherry server version 3.0.5 was released with the following changes.  As a reminder, you can download version 3 from here

  • FIX: Web playback – AJAX error caused by the wrong time format (#388)
  • FIX: Fixed segment violation bug in recording schedule (#425)
  • FIX: Change VAAPI to ‘None’ by default (#421)
  • FIX: Web backup / restore – Fixed problem where backup and restore would always fail (#414 / #409)
  • FIX: Fix mailer.php (attachments were broken) (#405)
  • FIX: TLS / SASL improvements (#366)
  • FEATURE: Support systemd (allowing for newer Ubuntu distributions) (#406)
  • FEATURE: Add temporal-based motion detection algorithm – Added by Kyle Mallory <kylemallory@yahoo.com>

Questions or Comments?  Visit our community support site (community.bluecherrydvr.com) or visit with us on Slack chat.

Version 3 released for testing – https://www.bluecherrydvr.com/version-3-now-available-for-testing/