[Server] Version 2 beta 8.2 released

This release focuses on improving network camera support.  Customers that previously had problems with network cameras (especially H.264 cameras) should try this release and report feedback to our forums.  We’ll be improving camera support further over the next few releases.  This release also improves threading in the server, which should resolve some issues with feed duplication and corruption on Bluecherry analog cards.

Information on how to upgrade to this release can be found on our Knowledge Base.  During upgrade you will be asked to migrate your mysql database.  This is normal behavior, and just follow the steps when asked for your password.

Note:  Those who are using Axis cameras will need to add ?tcp (no spaces) at the end of the RTSP path (Devices -> IP Cameras -> Axis Camera -> Settings -> Properties -> Path to RTSP

The following features are added in this release:

Feature #223: Support for Airlive network cameras
Feature #782: Disable audio completely for analog devices
Feature #783: Disable audio completely for network cameras
Feature #968: libav-based RTSP implementation
Feature #974: Server: Disable audio by default
Feature #975: Web: Disable audio by default
Feature #976: Web: Add option to enable debugging for network cameras
Feature #977: Server: Support for advanced logging (verbose) for network cameras
Feature #978: Redesign device configuration updates for thread safety

The following bugs are fixed in this release:

Bug #841: Natty packages depend on libx264-85, however the Natty version is actually libx264-105
Bug #877: Ubuntu 11.04: /usr/sbin/bc-server: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/libavcodec.so.52: undefined symbol: x264_encoder_open_106
Bug #929: Recordings last only 1 second, possibly related to media cleanup
Bug #949: Natty (and other versions?) require libavcodec-extra-52 before recording works properly
Bug #967: Missing dependency on libav?-extra
Bug #970: Check for new version was running every page load
Bug #973: Web: Change wording on the IP camera properties page