Beta 9.2 adds pre and post buffering support for motion events which is configurable from 0-10 seconds.  This will add a set amount of time to the beginning and end of the motion event, which is useful for high motion areas.  This release also fixes an upstart bug that has existed through out all of the beta which affected Ubuntu 11.04 and 11.10 releases.

We also now force ACTi cameras into RTP over UDP automatically when they are enabled or added.  Previously you had to manually change this in the ACTi camera settings, which isn’t Firefox friendly.  This release also removes duplicate IP checking, which affected beta testers using IP cameras from the same IP address.

Note:  It is important that you upgrade to this release before January 18th, as beta 9.1 will expire and no longer work on that date.

Information on how to upgrade to this release can be found on our Knowledge Base.

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The following features are added in this release:

Feature #870: Add dependency on pear and pear::mail packages
Feature #1030: Web: Add ‘Restrict all’ button for user camera access lists
Feature #1042: Force ACTi cameras to RTP over UDP when they are added AND enabled
Feature #1048: Allow configuration of the motion prerecord time
Feature #1049: Use motion prerecord as a post-event buffer to avoid recording overlap
Feature #1050: Web: Remove duplicate IP checking
Feature #1051: web: Allow configuration of the motion pre-recording buffer time
Feature #1053: Web: Hide or remove minimal percentage on the storage area
Feature #1057: Web: Change wording on IP camera -> PTZ settings page

The following bugs are fixed in this release:

Bug #912: upstart hangs in 11.04 (natty)
Bug #932: Post-record value is currently hardcoded
Bug #964: Typo in Settings area
Bug #971: Web: Devices page loads very slowly with multiple IP cameras
Bug #1025: The start time of motion events does not exactly match their first frame
Bug #1029: Web: Edit access list / Delete user does not show after adding a user
Bug #1039: Crash when SQL server goes down
Bug #1041: Don’t rely on the database ‘driver’ field to determine solo codec
Bug #1061: Errors during media file cleanup should be logged