Note: We are gearing up towards a 2.0 release soon.  We really need feedback on any problems with the software in its current state.  If you find a problem that isn’t already on our bug tracker ( then please join IRC ( or post on the forums ( with the problem that you might be having so we can address these prior to a 2.0 release.  It does absolutely no good for you to know about a problem, but not tell us about it.

We have reports from customers using the 2.4.1 of the driver driver with live view issues with feed duplication or other badness.  We are looking into these reports, and this release is not expected to resolve those problems.

Beta 9.3 changes the default pre-record time to 3 seconds.  We also force ACTi cameras into RTP over UDP mode and also force Vivotek cameras into settings their second encoder to MJPEG.  Previously customers had to manually change these settings for recording of live view to work, which was a unnecessary pain.

Also added are PTZ presets (untested) for Panasonic WV- cameras, along with Arecont Vision models in the drop down list (also untested).  If you have access to any of these cameras, please verify if Panasonic WV- PTZ models work, and if Arecont Vision functions properly.

This release also focuses on fixing several network camera related bugs, specifically an annoying on in the settings where the RTSP port was removed after being saved and replaced with {}.  This release should also stop the RTCP BYE errors that populated in bluecherry.log for certain cameras.

Also fixed is a bug preventing multiple analog PTZ cameras from being controlled.  As always the complete list of changes is below.

Note:  It is important that you upgrade to this release before February 8th, as beta9.2 will expire and no longer work on that date.  Beta 9.3 will expire on March 1st.

Information on how to upgrade to this release can be found on our Knowledge Base.

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The following features are added in this release:

Feature #1004: Reliably indicate if the server is fully operational
Feature #1040: Web: Add documentation text when selecting certain IP cameras.
Feature #1055: Web: Add informational text when a storage path is changed
Feature #1060: Update to latest libav
Feature #1062: Define and enforce that recording paths are exclusively for recordings
Feature #1069: Increase the default motion prebuffer to 3 seconds
Feature #1071: mysql/web: add column for zoom_stop in ipPtzPresets
Feature #1075: Add Arecont Vision to the IP camera list
Feature #1080: Add support for Panasonic PTZ command set

The following bugs are fixed in this release:

Bug #914: Memory leak from mjpeg.php
Bug #964: Typo in Settings area
Bug #988: Axis streams over UDP have CSeq errors, RTCP BYE
Bug #1033: Web: Prompt user to login if they are not an administrator when configuring the server from the client
Bug #1052: web: properly count cards
Bug #1068: Web: rtsp port was not saved
Bug #1072: Pelco PTZ commands always use ID 1
Bug #1074: web: empty variables treated as false
Bug #1079: Server deb should not recommend solo6010-dkms
Bug #1082: Web: Non administrators are shown ‘Return to Admin panel’ in live view.