[Server] Version 2 beta 9.7 released

This release features substantial changes to the web interface, including settings for email notification and better documentation, and solves a handful of bugs, including one that caused live streams on low bandwidth connections to become corrupted and unwatchable.

Email notification settings were added in this release, but emails will not actually be sent yet; we’ll follow up with beta9.7.1 to fully implement email notifications soon.

Note:  beta9.7.1 will be a “feature freeze”: we won’t be adding any other features until after the 2.0 release. Please report bugs as soon as possible, so we can solve them before the release candidate stage.

It is important that you upgrade to this release as soon as possible, as beta9.6 will expire May 3rd.  Beta 9.7 will expire on May 24th.

Information on how to upgrade to this release can be found on our Knowledge Base.

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The following bugs are fixed in this release:

Bug #1088: web: clarify the motion threshold and scheduling settings/pages
Bug #1098: IP camera On-camera configuration option doesn’t work
Bug #1099: web: button to add ip ptz preset does not work
Bug #1102: Ubuntu 12.04 (precise) uses libmysqlclient18, package recommends libmysqlclient16
Bug #1103: Regressions in RTP stream buffering
Bug #1107: Package installation fails on Ubuntu 12.04

The following features are added in this release:

Feature #852: Web: Support conditional events
Feature #1106: web: add help pages to the web interface