[Driver] 2.4.5 released

This release resolves issues on newer Ubuntu 12.04.x installations where the solo6x10 module is already in the kernel staging directory so a conflict occurs when installing the module from our sources.  For now on, the module name will be solo6x10-edge

Version 2 sneak peak

We’ve had a great deal of interest in the changes that are coming in version 2. To recap, version 2 is completely rewritten; we literally threw away all of the (licensed) code and started from scratch. We hired on US

Bluecherry releases its version 2 driver (GPL)

Update 6/19/2010 Further information on the driver and using the card can be found on Ben Collins blog (here). Check back next week for an update on this site for sample code for saving MPEG-4 streams to the disk. As

Version 2: Using Linux Standard APIs

For those of you who may not know version 2 is a complete rewrite from version 1. Version 2 is also focused on using, and enhancing existing Linux kernel APIs. Ben Collins has done an excellent job in writing a