[Driver] 2.4.5 released

This release resolves issues on newer Ubuntu 12.04.x installations where the solo6x10 module is already in the kernel staging directory so a conflict occurs when installing the module from our sources.  For now on, the module name will be solo6x10-edge for bleeding edge releases that aren’t in the staging directory of the kernel.  There has also been alot of code cleanup to get the driver ready for adding it into the mainline kernel.

To upgrade to this release, run this command:

sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get install solo6010-dkms

The following features are added in this release:

* Changes module name to solo6x10-edge.
* Blacklisting of mainline solo6x10 module.
* Big code cleanup.
* Now allows to request full resolution (704×576 or 704×480) independently of
the color system used (PAL or NTSC).
* Downloads the videobuf dependencies automatically when unavailable locally.

The following bugs are resolved in this release:

* Fixed bug that enabled the encoder after VIDIOC_S_FMT.
* Fixed error handling on various conditions.