Technical information: List of MJPEG and RTSP paths for network cameras

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ManufacturerModelsRTSP PathMJPEG PathConfirmed workingAudioNotes
AxisAll models (Panoramic models see next line)/mpeg4/media.amp OR /axis-media/media.amp for H.264 streams/axis-cgi/mjpg/video.cgi?resolution=640x480 OR /mjpg/video.mjpgYesYes
Axis Panoramic models/axis-media/media.amp (SEE NOTES SECTION)/axis-cgi/mjpg/video.cgiYesYes&camera= ie -
/axis-media/media.amp &camera=5
Camera 1 = Fish eye
Camera 2 = Panorama
Camera 5 = Quadrant Middle Right
Camera 6 = Quadrant Middle Left
Camera 7 = Quadrant Far Left
Camera 8 = Quadrant Far Right
ACTi//cgi-bin/cmd/encoder?SNAPSHOTYesNoCamera video type must be set to RDP over UDP with the streaming method set to MPEG4 / RTSP port must be set to 7070
Vivotek/live.sdp/video2.mjpgYesNot testedBy default the first stream is set to MPEG4 or H.264. Change the settings in /setup/audiovideo.html and change the second stream to JPEG.
Vivotek 71xx/live.sdp/video.mjpgNoNot testedSome early model Vivotek 7xxx series only support a single JPEG image, and not a MJPEG stream. These will not be supported until atleast beta4.
Rovio/webcam/GetCam.cgiYesNot testedLacking control of this robot, but MJPEG / MPEG4 work
Sony 4th Revision/media/video1/imageYesNot testedRTSP works, we currently do not have a camera configured to support MJPEG to test the /image MJPEG url. Only revisions 4 and 5 support RTSP. Do all Sony cameras have /image for the MJPEG path?
Brickcom/channel1/channel2YesNot tested
Aviosys/mpeg4/ipcam/mjpeg.cgiYesNot testedTested on a very high latency network and worked, but had serious packet drops (probably related to the network connection). Appears camera is producing invalid RTSP headers
Linksys/img/video.sav/img/mjpeg.jpgNot TestedNot testedApparently only supported on the WVC210 and WVC54GCA cameras, but we need to confirm this.
D-Link/play1.sdp/video/mjpg.cgiYesNot testedOnly the newer models support RTSP, with the exception of the 930 series.

D-Link allows users to set up custom RTSP URLs, if you change those please make sure to set it in the bluecherrydvr accordingly.
TRENDnet-V3DOES NOT SUPPORT RTSP/mjpeg.cgiNot TestedNot testedTV-IP1xx series do not support RTSP.
TRENDnet-V1/mpeg4?tcp/cgi/mjpg/mjpeg.cgi OR /cgi/jpg/image.cgiYesNot testedTV-IP212, IP252, IP312, IP422
TRENDnet-V2/play1.sdp/video/mjpg.cgiNot TestedNot testedIP512, IP522 series
LevelOne/live.sdp/video.mjpgNot testedNot testedIs this MJPEG URL correct? MPEG4 sub-path could also be /channel1 and /access_code (why?)
LevelOne FCS-1091 / WCS-1090/img/media.sdpMJPEG: /img/video.mjpeg Snapshot: /img/snapsnot.cgiYesNot tested
PixordUnknown/getimage?camera=1&fmt=fullNot testedNot tested&fmt=full is 704x480. We need more information about the MPEG4 paths for this camera.
Arecont VisionUnknown/mjpegYesNot tested
ToshibaUnknown/getstream.cgi?<clientID>&<uniqueID>&<userID>&<userPW>&<streamType>&<interval>&<mode>&<value>&<timeOut>Not testedNot testedThis MJPEG URL is ugly as sin Try this MJPEG path: /user/cgi-bin/getstream.cgi?3087&3087&{USERID}&{PASSWORD}&0&10&1&0&9000
Airlive/video.mp4/mjpg/video.mjpgYesNot tested
Panasonic/MediaInput/mpeg4/nphMotionJpeg?Resolution=320x240&Quality=StandardYesNot testedSome Panasonic cameras do not support RTSP for sending the video, and instead only support RTPoverHTTP. /nphMpeg4/g726-640x480 should be the correct RTPoverHTTP for the BLC- series cameras.
IQEye/now.mp4/now.jpg?snap=spushNot testedNot testedOnly some IQeye cameras support RTSP
SanyoUnknownUnknownNot testedNot testedWe need more information about the MPEG4 and MJPEG paths for this camera. Do any cameras support MPEG4 / RTSP?
Samsung/mpeg4unicastUnknownNot testedNot testedWe need more information about the MPEG4 and MJPEG paths for this camera.
Y-Cam/live_mpeg4.sdp/stream.jpgNot testedNot tested
OR /cgi-bin/CGIProxy.fcgi?cmd=snapPicture2
Not testedNot testedOnly newer (late 2013 and newer) cameras support RTSP and MJPEG
Edimax/ipcam.sdp or /ipcam_h264.sdp/snapshot.cgi OR /mjpg/video.mjpgNot testedNot tested/snapshot.cgi appears to be a single JPEG. We need the MJPEG path, if anyone knows it.
Airlink101/mpeg4/MJPEG.CGINot TestedNot tested
Gadspot/mpeg4/GetData.cgi?Status=0Not TestedNot tested
ZonetUnknownUnknownNot testedNot testedWe need more information about the MPEG4 and MJPEG paths for this camera. Does Zonet have cameras that support RTSP?
Zavio/video.mp4UnknownNot testedNot testedWe need more information about the MPEG4 and MJPEG paths for this camera.
Canon/ or /profile1=r/-wvhttp-01-/getoneshot?frame_count=no_limitNot testedNot testedDo Canon cameras even support RTSP?
TopicaUnknownUnknownNot testedNot testedWe need more information about the MPEG4 and MJPEG paths for this camera.
Basler/mpeg4 or /h264UnknownNot tested
Bluejay/mpeg4UnknownNot tested
Bosch/video or /rtsp_tunnelUnknownNot tested
CBC / Ganz/gnz_media/mainUnknownNot tested
Cisco/img/media.savUnknownNot tested
CNB/mpeg4UnknownNot tested
Etrovision/rtpvideo1.sdpUnknownNot tested
Everfocus/streaming/channels/0UnknownNot tested
FLIR SystemsD- / F- / PT- series/ch0UnknownNot tested
FLIR SystemsPTZ-35x140/visUnknownNot tested
PelcoSarix//content/login.php?username=&password=GrabJpeg=/jpegNot tested
Planet/ipcam.sdp OR /ipcam_h264.sdp OR /media/media.amp/video.mjpg OR /video.cgi OR /mjpg/video.mjpgIt would be nice to know which models support which RTSP / MJPEG paths.
Ubiquity AirVisionAll/live/ch00_0/snapshot.cgiNot tested4 RTSP sub paths are available, they are ch00_0 through ch03_0 where ch00_0 is the highest resolution.
HoneywellHCD5MIH (more?)/mjpeg?
LogitechAlert (more?)/HighResolutionVideoDoes not support dual streaming


Where can be "H.264" or "MPEG-4".
/cgi-bin/video.cgi?msubmenu=mjpegNot testedNot testedBased on API reference for SNB-7000, v2.3.0
ToughstyAll (?)/user=admin&password=&channel=1&stream=0.sdpWill /channel=1&stream=0.sdp work?