[Driver] 2.4.5 released

This release resolves issues on newer Ubuntu 12.04.x installations where the solo6x10 module is already in the kernel staging directory so a conflict occurs when installing the module from our sources.  For now on, the module name will be solo6x10-edge

[Server] Version 2 beta 9.4 released

This releases moves the server build expiration date to March 29th, 2012, and resolves bugs with multiple storage partitions and solo6x10 detection. We’re working on big improvements to live streaming, code named “Awesome”.  This will improve quality, reduce bandwidth usage

[Driver] 2.4.1 released

This release resolves a issue from 2.4.0 where the composite output did not function with the newly included utility to change the video output.  This release also increases the amount of available on-card SDRAM to help resolve video flickering, duplication

[Driver] 2.3.7 released

This release focuses on resolving a critical driver bug in the H.264 and MPEG-4 line of Bluecherry cards where video was corrupted during playback, causing the video to have gray frames and the timestamp to jump forward and backwards.  A more