[Driver] 2.4.5 released

This release resolves issues on newer Ubuntu 12.04.x installations where the solo6x10 module is already in the kernel staging directory so a conflict occurs when installing the module from our sources.  For now on, the module name will be solo6x10-edge

[Server] Version 2 beta 9.5 released

This is part of the “Project Awesome” release.  A new server port (7002) will need to be forwarded if you plan to connect to your Bluecherry installation remotely.  If you encounter any issues with this release, please post a comment

[Driver] 2.3.7 released

This release focuses on resolving a critical driver bug in the H.264 and MPEG-4 line of Bluecherry cards where video was corrupted during playback, causing the video to have gray frames and the timestamp to jump forward and backwards.  A more