We’ve had a great deal of interest in the changes that are coming in version 2. To recap, version 2 is completely rewritten; we literally threw away all of the (licensed) code and started from scratch. We hired on US based in-house developers to handle every aspect of the server and client development.

Please remember, version 2 requires a clean installation of our software and it will not be possible to upgrade from version 1 to version 2. The main reason for this is version 1 is based on Ubuntu 9.04, which does not have a upgrade path to 10.04 (A long term stable release). Secondly, we changed video container formats and are no longer using the non-compliant container that exists in version 1.

Version 2 is a paid upgrade, unless you received a free upgrade (For customers who purchased after April 15th, 2010). We have not released the upgrade pricing yet, but it will be reasonable. We also changed the licensing around in version 2. Before, you received a capture card which was tied to the software. In version 2 you will receive a license key which will unlock the server for X amount of ports. If you have an existing 16 port version 1 setup and upgrade to version 2 you will receive a 16 port license. This license allows you to mix and match supported IP cameras and analog ports. You are also not required to have a capture card in version 2 if you plan to use only IP cameras.

Version 2 beta starts the end of September. Read on for ways to sign up for the public beta and receive notification of the official version 2 release.

Below are the major features that are going into version 2:


  • Ubuntu 10.04 support
  • 64bit support
  • Archived videos are now stored in a Matroska container (.mkv)
  • Lower load averages
  • Lower CPU / memory footprints
  • Server / Client are completely separated, which allows for a headless server option
  • Network camera support (Axis, ACTi, Vivotek)
  • Bluecherry H.264 capture card support
  • Support stacking of multiple Bluecherry MPEG-4 / H.264 capture cards
  • Separate primary display from web interface
  • Remove requirement of NVIDIA card
  • Apply database changes automatically without user intervention
  • Auto detection of PAL devices


  • Cross platform client (OSX / Linux / Windows)
  • 64 bit support
  • Drag and drop cameras onto layout
  • Custom video screen layouts
  • Video / Event commenting and tagging
  • Remove requirement of NVIDIA card
  • Enhanced video performance (live viewing / retrieving video)
  • Support audio playback during playing of archived events


Version 2 beta signup

Version 2 release notification list