Version 3 now available for testing

We have been hard at work on Version 3 over the past few months.  Version 3 focuses on offloading video processing (video conversion, motion detection, live view in the client) to the GPU.  The client bandwidth is *greatly* reduced as we now convert on the fly (using a GPU) a full resolution stream to a much lower resolution stream for live view.  Optionally there is now a second RTSP path for ‘sub-stream’ if you’d prefer to use sub-stream RTSP paths.  

What can you do to help?

Donate!  Version 3, just like version 2, will be released open sourced (GPL) and we’ve very much like to keep it open source going forward.  However we need your help!  If you are using Bluecherry for home use and don’t need a support license please consider making a donation to help support our work.

Test!  We need beta testers to help beta test features.  Right now we’ve tested with Intel integrated GPUs but a list of currently supported VAAPI devices can be found here.  We need more use cases to help test this completely new feature.   Please remember, unless you pass through the GPU to a VM (which we’ve not tested) you should test this on bare-metal systems.

Currently we only support Ubuntu 18.04LTS (bionic), Ubuntu 20.04LTS (focal) and Debian 10 (buster), more distributions will be added soon:

 sudo bash -c "$(wget -O -"  

We have the following ways for you to get in touch with us:

Spread the word!  Everyone likes open source software, so tell your friends, especially on social media.  You can find us on @bluecherrydvr on Twitter and Bluecherry on Facebook

Some images of new features added to the settings area: