Bluecherry BC-H16480A – 16 port video, 16 port audio H.264 / PCIe hardware compression capture card


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New!  We now have certified Windows drivers for x86 and x64 installations!  We’ve tested our driver with popular Directshow applications including Blue Iris.

Please note, this card does not include our surveillance software.  It is intended for software development using our (free) Linux or Windows driver.

  • Hardware compression H.264 capture card
  • 16 port video inputs
  • 480FPS recording @ 352×240, 150FPS @ 704×480
  • New! PCIe design

This card has features not commonly found on traditional capture cards including:

  • Each port has a MJPEG and H.264 encoder, each can be opened separately.  
  • Each device shows up as a Video4Linux(2) device and you have access to each encoder using standard Video4Linux APIs.
  • Each port is loaded up as an ALSA sound device, allowing for encoding G.723 audio from each audio input.

Additional information

Weight2 lbs
Dimensions6 × 0.5 × 4 in