We are hiring! Qt/C++ software developer

Job Description

Note:  This position is a part-time position averging 20-25 hours per week with the potential to move to a full-time position in the next several months.

Bluecherry is seeking a motivated, challenge-driven developer to help design and implement innovative software with a small, informal group. Our ideal candidate can work independently, collaborate on the big picture, and contribute creatively to the project.  Previous experience developing cross platform applications
using Qt is a must.

We’re looking for someone with passion for what they create; someone who wants to learn and solve problems; and someone who can write solid, functional code.  Open source history and contributions are beneficial.  We will want to review existing code that you have developed, so linking to Github or public software development projects would be useful.

Skills & Requirements

  • Prior experience with source code management (git)
  • Prior experience in cross platform software development and design using Qt/C++
  • Prior experience in packaging software for Windows, OS X and Linux derivatives
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Internet and operating system security fundamentals
  • Strong sense of ownership, urgency, and drive
  • Demonstrated ability to achieve goals in a highly innovative and fast paced environment

About Bluecherry

Bluecherry is a growing video surveillance company that is developing a Linux based surveillance system. Though the product is closed source, we maintain a GPL driver for our line of hardware compression cards, and support open source development by contributing to projects like Libav and Qt.

Bluecherry employees are given flexible working hours, telecommute and full-time employees receive health insurance, paid vacation / sick time and retirement options.

Interested? Apply!